Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Course:

March 20-24, 2023

Virtual: 7AM-4PM PST (UTC -8)

Advanced Concepts Course:

February 20-23, 2023

Virtual: 7AM-4PM PST (UTC -8)

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      • Concepts of fatigue, fracture mechanics and damage tolerance in aerospace structure.
      • Analytical and numerical methods of fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.
      • Tools to apply and solve fatigue and damage tolerance problems.

Who should attend?

      • Aircraft Certification engineers
      • Design Approval Representatives
      • Airline Engineers
      • DAH Engineers, TC and STC holders
      • Anyone who performs damage tolerance analysis


      • History and evolution of civil and military fatigue requirements
      • Introduction to fatigue mechanism
      • Design considerations
      • Fatigue properties
      • Fatigue strength
      • Stress intensity factors
      • Fracture mechanics
      • Fatigue loads and spectra
      • Fatigue damage accumulation
      • Introduction to non-destructive inspection
      • Fatigue and failure of joints and structure
      • Damage tolerance of repairs and alteration
      • Widespread Fatigue Damage and Limit of Validity
      • Featuring case studies and examination of lessons learned from accidents.